Vigo Parish Council

Vigo Parish Council

The Agenda for our meetings follows a similar pattern each month.  
A typical agenda is shown below.


To:  Councillors and Members of the Public

You are hereby summoned/invited to attend a meeting of the above-named Council convened by the Chairman to be held at the Vigo Village Hall, The Bay, Vigo Village, Kent DA13 0TD on Monday                    at 7.30pm


The business to be transacted at the meeting is:

1) Apologies for Absence

2) Declarations of Interest

3) Neighbourhood Plan Report

4) Questions from the Press and Public (a five-minute allocated slot per person)

5) Reports from Gravesham Borough and Kent County Councillors for the Parish Area

6) Reports from Gravesham Community Wardens

7) To approve the minutes of the Full Parish Council Meeting held on 15th February 2016

8) Matters Arising from the Full Council Meeting (not covered under agenda items)

9) Services

a) Tree Policy

b) Grounds Maintenance

c) Grass Cutting

10) Requests from and Matters Regarding Residents

11) Local Authority Planning Applications and Projects (Please see note below) / Covenant 3 Applications

12) Covenant Breaches / Enforcement

13) Highways / Gravesham Issues

14) Play Areas (Ball Park / Play Park)

15) Finance Councillor / Responsible Financial Officers Report

16) Assets of Community Value

17) Encroachment / Enclosure of Community Land

18) Chair’s Announcements

19) Clerk’s Report and Correspondence Received

20) Working Party Reports (reports to be received a week in advance of the meeting)

21) Report from KALC Local Group

22) Youth Issues

23) Report from Vigo Village Hall

24) Report from the Joint Transportation Board

25) Trosley Country Park Liaison Group Report

26) Report from the Rural Neighbourhood Forum

27) Any Other Business

The Parish Clerk Dated:   


 Item 11 discusses Local Authority Planning Applications that are received by Vigo Parish Council, during the month preceding the date of the Council Meeting, up to and including the date of the meeting.

To view these plans, please go to Gravesham Borough Council Planning Portal.  
To access planning applications relating to Vigo, in the ‘Status’ drop down menu, select ‘Current’.
Enter the ‘keyword’ Vigo in the next box.