Vigo Parish Council

Vigo Parish Council

Phone: 01732 823337  


Vigo Parish Councillors

Patricia Banks (Chair);  Cllr Colin Talboys (Vice chairman);  Cllr Jim Haslem;   
Cllr Andrew Woolway   Cllr Alan White;   Cllr Michael Germain; Cllr Dave Hawkins

Joanne Glass (Clerk to the Council)

Working Party


Planning and Covenant applications

All Councillors

Budget and Finance

Pat Banks;  Jim Haslem

Authorise payments

Pat Banks; Jim Haslem; Alan White

Covenant Policy

Pat Banks; Colin Talboys;  Alan White;  Jim Haslem

Grounds Maintenance,Trees,Grass

Colin Talboys (Tree warden)  Pat Banks; Alan White;


Pat Banks; Colin Talboys;  Alan White; Andrew Woolway

Emergency Plan

Jim Haslem;  Colin Talboys;

50 Years of Vigo

Pat Banks; Colin Talboys; Sue Connor; Alan White;  Paul Baylis

External bodies


Kent Assn of Local Councils

Pat Banks; Jim Haslem


Alan White (*Action with Communities in Rural Kent)

Vigo Village Hall Committee

Joint Transportation Board

Trosley Country Park

Colin Talboys

Neighbourhood Forum

Mike Germain

Gravesham Borough Councillors
Cllr Ejaz Aslam and Cllr Denise Tiran

Kent County Councillor
Cllr Brian Sweetland

Member of Parliament for Gravesham (Conservative Party)
Adam Holloway   House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA    
phone number - 0207 219 8402   e-mail

VPC Working Parties