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Vigo Parish Council

Freedom of Information Act

Vigo Parish Council’s Information Publication scheme with Fees and Charges can be accessed by clicking here

How we use your data

Under the Data Protection Act the council has a legal duty to protect any personal information collected from you.

The Act sets rules and conditions which the council must obey when gaining and using information about you. The Act also provides you with certain rights, which must be respected.

Vigo Parish Council pledges to:

What are your rights to accessing your personal records?

Why does the council keep personal information?

To enable the council to provide you with the services you require

Vigo Parish Council holds very little personal information.  The majority of data held are relating to the properties in the village.

How can I ask to see information the council hold about me?

If you want to see the records the council holds about you, you need to put your request in writing.  There is a fee of £10 which is payable before information will be released by the council. 

We will also need to check your identity before we can process your request to make sure that we are releasing the information to the right person.  We may ask you to bring proof of your identity when making a request (this needs to be photographic ID such as a passport, drivers licence etc).

When you come into our office our clerk will take a copy of your request, check your proof of identity and issue you with a receipt for your application and the fee.  The request will be processed and a copy of the information we hold about you will be sent to you within 40 days.  Once you have received your information you should check it.  If any of the information we hold about you is wrong you can ask us to correct it or remove it.

How will I be given the information?

You are entitled to be given a copy to keep and check for accuracy. This will either be a printout from a computer, a photocopy of the paper records or in electronic format if you prefer.

What if my information is wrong? If you think any information recorded about you is wrong, you should inform the Parish Council straight away.