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A Play park for ALL Village Children

A Consultation

We have been talking to children about improving the play facilities in the Village.  We have consulted those at Vigo School, and spoken to users of the playground (and playgroup)

The existing play equipment is still in good condition and is well used, so our intention is to add to this  to enhance  and enlarge the play park.  

The project we have developed is to install additional equipment that will be targeted at toddlers, children with disabilities, and teenagers.

The images on this leaflet show examples of the play park equipment that the children have asked for.  These are the items we would like to buy.

This will be a major investment for the Parish Council – you will find  more details below.

The start of this project is planned for  Spring 2018

As this is a major investment, we need to know that the Village supports this project.  We are already seeking grant funding and drawing on existing budgets, which we expect will meet a large part of the costs.  However, there will potentially be a funding gap, which we propose to meet by taking out a relatively short term loan.

We aim to meet the cost of this loan by diverting existing funding and budgets but it is possible that there will be a deficit  and there may have to be in an increase in the Precept and therefore in your Council Tax.  This increase could amount to around £4.00 per household per year (less than 8p per week).

We are consulting residents at this stage, so that we have the opportunity to feed your views into the final scope of the project .

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Closing date 14th November